Thursday, January 28, 2016

Will your job exist in 2022 or not?

  World is going through rapid changes and with every new technology being introduced in market. We all calculate its positive impact on our lives but it also impacts our economies on macro level in both ways creating and cutting jobs. Most classic example of technological influence on macro level is introduction of computers and it replaced most of clerical staff which was used for record keeping and file management. But created few new jobs for computer operators. But an individual has no concern about macro impact, but every individual who is in professional life or soon to be concerns about this question. Will my job exist in next 10 or 20 years?  I took out time to address this issue so that we can do risk analysis and so we together can adapt changes, learn some new skills for diversion in future. This piece on general analysis rather on any specific industry. Following are some ways to counter the title question and getting ourselves prepared for future.

        Learn  how to code:
       It is very essential to know basic coding, it is just like learning basic science or maths. Even if you are doctor, salesman, or any other professional. Code really helps you to understand how software is working, knowing code really opens you to adapt change in your job because it empowers you to understand what's going on back end of any program, software or website. Also coding is like knowing how to speak English or any other language. It is not essential for your job but adds a lot of value to it. Endorsing this idea globally have launched an initiative to make everyone learn how to code it is called Hour of Code. Giants like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg have endorsed this initiative.

        Learn to do sales:
   Most of you would be wondering after learning programming why would anyone learn sales. In my view coding and sales is great set which can make you effective and efficient enough to be adapt, learn and understand any technological changes or any industry and keeps you on safe side. Now the question is why sales? We all should learn sales because this is the one of the few things technology can't replace. With digital marketing you have right set of information to target buyers but still it didn't replace hard core salesman, but many technologies are being introduced to aid salesman, is the best example of it. If you know how to do sales, you aren't dependent on a job only, but you can create your own idea and be an entrepreneur. Once a man very impressively said, Salesman digs a well himself and end his and others thirst. Whether you are technical or not it is good to know sales.

       Analyze your skill set and technology in your industry
  It is very important to know where you are standing in market and what is demand in market going on. Even if you are a businessman you should add some value to the business rather being the one sitting behind desk. You should know changes which can influence your industry. What are new technologies to be introduced or already which people are working on. Which areas needs to be changed and improvised this analysis is very important so that you can also be a part of creating a change. But most important thing is analyzing your own skill set, and what others have in the industry. What is the change appetite of your industry. What is the probability that your job would be replaced by a Robot? You can see below mentioned link for reference this for UK but can be easily relatable because of globalization and globalized changes.  

       Stay updated:
You should know what's going on in the world and around you. Some people limit themselves to only their work, which is not a good idea. Because most of the time it is external factors which are influencing changes your work. You should be subscribed to news websites like Business Insider, Tech Crunch, Wall Street Journal, and other news outlets. It is good to know technologies being introduced , geopolitical scenario, and global policies. It empowers to learn more and more. Communication with influence group of your industry on platform like etc. Also finding specialized social webs for your industry. For example for mining industry there is one site called many others exist for other industries like this.

       Learn, Adapt and Share:
Finally the central idea of whole concept is you have to reiterating on what you are doing. You should continue the process of learning, and also keep some diverging skill sets so that you can jump off if the boat is sinking. Even merely a life jacket would work, so knowing basics would also help you. And we all should keep learning new things and technologies, we should adapt new ideas and concepts also share with our peers, colleagues and fellows. Sharing is caring, this century belongs to collaborators not competitors.

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A young entrepreneur and blogger, started career in middle eastern market in exhibition industry. Certified in Project Management, and passionate about business and changes taking place globally. Working as a consultant with many companies.

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