Thursday, January 21, 2016

What is the difference between the words tradeshow and exhibition?

  There are two words frequently used for (Business-to-Business) B2B and (Business-to- Consumer) B2C events, most people debate on which term to use. Whether to call an event an exhibition or a tradeshow, expo or messe how to develop content of you event?, which keywords to use?. These questions are very vital for all people organizer, participant and visitor. There is not much difference in any of these terminologies but when it comes to Search Engine Optimization of your services and events. Here I take this opportunity to identify the both terminologies for the literary purpose also if we can motivate all the stakeholders to use common terminologies so that it easy for people using Search engine to get the write information about the required show.

Trade Show:

Trade show is comprised of two words "Trade" and "Show". Trade show is also know as trade fair. Trade show is an event which is organized mainly in the reference to enhance trade or business activity of a particular entity, country, organization or association. Trade show back in old days were organized for the general bulk buyers, these were organized in trading hubs of that time, like Istanbul (Constantinople) , London, Florence (where renaissance began from), etc Trade show is right place not just to increase sales but to communicate your values, learn new technologies, enhance products and services. Trade show is most subtle industry of all, will continue to make its mark even in this age of high technology. As I have discussed this in my previous article: 


The word Exhibition mostly refer to the presentation or portrayal of ideas, products or services. Exhibition is more inclined to towards concept of showcasing rather than tradeshow, exhibition may contain elements of awareness, projection, influencing and other motives like these. Exhibition mainly focus on presentation, education, and information rather doing sales, it also focuses on enhancing sales but it is not the focus. Art Exhibitions are very famous in many circles, also exhibitions in technical services and other portfolios.

This is the brief overview about the two terminologies, "Tradeshow" and "Exhibition". I hope this could help organizers while creating their content.

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