Sunday, December 20, 2015

Why to use venue sourcing services?

  This new age of social media and information technology has changed the events organizers work very much, whether it is exhibition, conference, meeting, seminar, or any consumer engagement event. Now event organizer can deal all things on its own, so it takes help of other partners in sourcing and hiring best and up to date services for the event. So that event organizer can focus on marketing and managing the event rather getting in the nitty gritty of every single thing. 

  Out of all services in this article I would like to take the light on one particular service that is venue sourcing. Sourcing right venue is the most important and most technical thing of all. Specially when your going in to the new market it is very hard to negotiate best price from the venue itself. Also the other main thing is getting the right servicing from the venue. Global Cynergies, a company based in Scottsdale, Arizona is providing very good and spot on venue sourcing service. The best part is they dont charge anything from the organizers

GLOBAL CYNERGIES LLC, is one of the reputed company in hotel and venue sourcing which is rapid growing. Formed in 2008 by the visionary corporate leader Pat Droucher. Global Cynergies is growing and established phenomenon in America and Europe market and penetrating in the middle east and Asia market with specialized and systematic services. Following is the procedure of venue sourcing according to there website: (reference to link is :

  • Conducting extensive research using in-house technology, proprietary data, industry resources, and collective personal knowledge to determine which properties meet the needs of the meeting.
  • Creating and sending program specific request for proposals (RFPs) to appropriate properties.
  • Collecting responses from the properties, including follow-up as necessary.
  • Presenting available options in an easy to read, comparative report.
  • Assisting in contract negotiations to make sure the best overall value and contract provisions based on local industry norms.
  • Liaising with hotel through contract signature. (All contracts are signed between hotel and the client.)
  • Assisting in transition to conference management after contract signature.

The above is the procedure of how they do it. Venue sourcing is very crucial service and in my view should be outsourced to the specialized people because they offer great value addition in the process. The more stakeholders add in an event more chances are of its being successful because colloboration is the key. 

You can contact Global Cynergies team on below details:

Global Cynergies, LLC

Global Head Office
8080 E. Gelding Dr. #110
Scottsdale , AZ  85260


Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Paints and Coatings Industry experienced a great show by MASS EXPO


     Mother nature has protected life with layers of protection whether its ozone, skin, or earth. When human started creating wonders, since then they had been inspired by the nature to protect and to make it attractive. Coating is referred to a covering which is applied to the objects with the purpose of decorating or protecting the objects. Coating can be applied to cover the objects partially or completely. Product label on drinks bottles where one side depicts the function of the product and other side has decorative coating in the form of word or images to make the bottles attractive is the best example in current era. Major Industries use thin film coating such as paper, fabric, film, foil or sheet stock to the objects to make it attractive.

  Globally coatings industry is expected to grow up to $176.5 Billion in 2020, which will impact regional markets in terms of new trading and production opportunities. Pakistan's market for coating has very big potential not only in terms of increase in local consumption but also in terms of trading and re-exporting of related products to Central Asia, China and other neighboring countries. Completion of CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor) will open new doors for the coatings industry player globally. Karachi is gateway to Pakistan's economy so therefore Mass Expo took initiative to introduce first specialized coatings show in the city of lights Karachi.  

  Mass Expo proudly presented an exhibition The Coating Show which was held in Expo Center Karachi on the 4th - 6th December 2015. This is the first time any specialized show has been organized to cater coating and paints industry. 

  Mass Expo is an exhibition and events management, advertising and integrated marketing solutions agency in Pakistan. MASS EXPO has a team of highly expert, skilled and specialized division in event management encompassing complete event solutions.

Why people visited?

      Creating new sales opportunities
      Making new agency contacts
      Launching your products and services in a strong growing market
      Strenghtening their market presence and brand awareness
      Keeping their customer loyalty
      Deepening their market research at its place
      Taking the chance to meet the decision makers in key position

The show was inaugurated by His Excellency Federal Minister Lt. Gen (Retd.) Abdul Qadir Baloch. He exhibited good faith in the organizers and appreciated the efforts for the economic development of Pakistan.


  •  FAIZ CHEMICAL         


Exhibitors Profile
All sectors of the coatings and paints industry was presented at the "The Coatings Show 2015". If your company operates in any of the following sectors then you should participate in this tradeshow.

·         Coating and Paints Manufacturers and Traders:
·         Paint, Inks, Adhesives, Construction Chemicals, Insulation Products
·         Paint Raw Materials
·         Ink Raw Materials
·         Adhesives Raw Materials
·         Construction Chemicals Raw Materials
·         Insulation Products Raw Materials
·         Paint Application Equipments
·         Laboratory and Manufacturing Equipment
·         Environmental Protection and Labor Safety
·         Services
·         Chemical and Raw Materials
·         Additives
·         Biocides
·         Chemicals
·         Extenders and fillers
·         Oils
·         Pigments
·         Polymers
·         Resins
·         Solvents
·         Waxes
·         Test Equipment
·         Accelerated Weathering
·         Gloss & Color Measurement and Control
·         Corrosion Testing
·         Instrumentation
·         Physical Testing of Liquids
·         Paint and Dry Film Testing
·         Plant and Machinery
·         Dispersers
·         Drums
·         Filters
·         Mixers
·         Process Control
·         Pumps
·         Mills
·         Labelling, Filling and Packaging Equipment
·         Tinting systems
·         Other products
·         Colour Forecasting
·         Colour cards
        ·         Health & Safety
        ·         Media

Visitors Profile

·         Paint, Varnish Manufacturers
·         Ink Manufacturers
·         Adhesives and Insulation Products Manufacturers
·         Construction Chemicals and Sealant Manufacturers
·         Raw Materials Manufacturers and Suppliers
·         Automotive Manufacturers and Auto Sub-Industry Products Manufacturers
·         Construction and Engineering Companies
·         Logistics Companies
·         Furniture Manufacturers
·         National Trade Missioners
·         Construction & Home Improvement Companies / Stores
·         Hardware Stores
·         Paint Applicators
·         Paint Consumers
·         Architects
·         Ship Building Industry
·         Home Appliances (White Goods) Manufacturers
·         Printing Houses
·         Universities and Research Facilities
·         Government Institutions

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Top exhibition organizers in the Middle East


   In MENA region, exhibition industry is booming day by day with unique and more creative show profiles, also new profiles are developing as industries globally are undermining from changes due to the influence of technology. Technological changes are also influencing the exhibition industry itself, nowadays exhibition companies are investing developing CMS (Content Management Systems), Social media marketing, Web Analytic, cloud based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions like, Google ad-words, Facebook Ads, Linked in Ads, Twitter Ads etc. Still there is always a challenge in selling space and attracting visitors, ultimately at the end of the day results matters. In long run the visitor and exhibitor experience matters a lot. Middle East and North Africa is going through changes immensely since last few years due to evolution of technology.

  In this article I want to discuss top exhibition organizing companies in MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region. Most of these companies are headquartered in Dubai, Dubai has become business and trade capital for the MENA region. There are many exhibition companies in MENA region but I have discussed the top 10 of them and my opinions on them. Few things are to mention before listing the top exhibition companies. Below mentioned listings are not rankings of any sort. This is just the listing to educate readers about brilliant work being done and efforts they do to facilitate the businesses globally to grow.

1- DMG
DMG Events Middle East and Asia was established in 1995, With some trend setter events such as Big 5, ADIPEC,  Hotel Show etc. DMG Events has revolutionize the world of events in the Middle East especially UAE.  DMG Events is using platform very successfully for CRM integrated with its own solution which gives it edge over the  other market player. is one of its kind. DMG has great deal to offer in the economy of the Middle East events market.DMG Events has been significantly adding value to the Middle East market with the presence of shows in UAE, Saudia Arabia , Qatar and Kuwait

2- Messe Frankfurt
Messe Frankfurt is one of the leading tradeshow organizer globally which under the leadership of Ahmed Pauwels offering great value in the Middle East market. Ahmed Pauwels is great corporate leader who brings motivation and innovation on the table for his team. Messe Frankfurt organize 8 exhibitions and about 15 conferences per year in this region. Please feel free to visit our website: Messe Frankfurt has the great USP in the world of exhibitions which is their own EMS Exhibition Management System. Messe Frankfurt undoubtedly market its events very impressively. Messe Frankfurt has also the other strength  is its presence globally.

DWTC is also event organizer apart from offering quite impressive and state of art venue services. DWTC organizes benchmark exhibitions like Gulfood, GITEX, GITEX Shopper etc.  DWTC has also been contributing with latest technology for the trade show organizing. DWTC has lots of value to offer in the middle east market in both roles venue as well as exhibition organizer. 

4- Informa
Informa is headquartered in Dubai, some very good tradeshow profiles such as Arab Health, Cityscape, HR Summit etc. Informa has created very good contribution in the real estate with its exhibition Cityscape Global. Informa is globally organizing more than 100 exhibition.  To learn more about Informa Exhibitions, and to discover how you can benefit from participating or attending please visit

5- Terrapinn
Terrapinn with unique tagline USE YOUR BRAIN, differentiates from all the other organizer. The show profiling of their events is mostly unique subjects like Mena Mining, Ecommerce, Retail show, Mobile Show etc. Terrapinn believes on creating inventive show profile which adds value to the market rather than doing standardize exhibitions.

6- Sharjah Expo
Sharjah Expo Center is the first established venue in the UAE, since the it is giving some good services in both ways as an organizer also as a venue. Recently Sharjah Expo Center organized book fair which was astonishingly broken all the records in the middle east. Watch and Jewellery Show which is the most successful show which accounts for B2b and B2C both profiles. Sharjah Expo is organizing many shows successfully.

7- Index
INDEX Conferences & Exhibitions Organisation Est. in January 1991, Index is one of the pioneers in organising Medical, Scientific, Educational and Trade Conferences & Exhibitions. Under the leadership of the Abdul Salam Al Madani Chairman of Index Holding. Index Conferences & Exhibition has been organizing specialized show especially in the field of medical sciences, their conferences and exhibitions are contributing in the field of medical research which is improving health and medicine sector of the Middle East and UAE.

8- Reed Expo
Reed Expo is organizing some important shows in the sector of the power and energy and also ATM Arabian Travel Market is the biggest travel and tourism exhibition in the middle east. Reed Expo is the very big exhibition company globally, Reed Expo is headquartered in Abu Dhabi. Reed Expo has unique show profiles like Eco Waste , World Future Energy Summit, International Water Summit etc also the IBTM arabia is being organized for MICE industry.

9- Al Fajer
Al Fajer is the first and veteran exhibition company in UAE, it has been organizing some great shows in the industry of plastic and paper. Arab Plast is the biggest plastic show of the middle east and it is has been improving under the leadership Jeen Joshua who has now left the company and Mr Rasheed Mbayed has taken the charge of the valuable exhibition. Mr Rasheed has successfully run the Al Fares - International Equine Trade Fair. Now he is leading the Arab Plast team.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Changing Paradigm of Marketing


World is becoming a saturated yet complex marketplace in the repercussions of globalization, now a buyer is globally aware of widely available options and influenced by the technological advancement in the rapidly revolutionizing hi-tech world. Many brands invest in global culture yet others are motivated in targeting the ethnic cultures. 
  In paradigm of change, marketers are exposed to new set of challenges which are being complicated in the series of Geometric Progression so marketers have to be dynamic and spontaneous.  Human brain is influenced by the stimuli and now it is being bombarded by millions of stimuli so it is a biggest challenge of all to be prominent in millions. Marketers have to study cognitive sciences and also have to be technology friendly to identify highly and frequently occurring changes.
  I would like to quote a conversation with one of software engineer friend, my ankle was fractured so with his helpful hand I was on my way towards class slowly and slowly, we intellectually discussed about changes in our fields so I made a point that future of business world pertains to the combination of three fields psychology, marketing and technological sciences. You would have been listening about the terminologies like Computational Psychology, Customer Intelligence and Neuromarketing in which two of three fields are combined and influencing each other, now here I am talking about the combination of all three and I would use terminology naming it Customer Behavioral Intelligence, algorithms' based on human behavior and relating the buying influences of globally and regionally influenced customer.

  As MIT psychologist and big name in mind sciences Dan Airely uses terminology Predictably Irrational which I find appropriate phrase to describe a customer and his buying behavior , human brain is influenced daily by the changes in the environment , changes particularly in the macro and micro perspective , but in it yet prevails sense of conscienceness existed 100,000 years ago. Even it is also a established fact that human brain is the least discovered part of human body. So there is too much to be known about this 3 lbs (approx) universe.

  But most of all, a marketer has to be good at intuitive analysis of market because sometimes the worst lies of this world are the well established facts, I believe that quantitative and qualitative analysis are less significant without the proper establishment of intuitive analysis, it is my personal opinion and many people could disagree who might be the firm believer of statistical proof of every logical decision making. Intuition doesn't mean it has to be irrational but it has to be predictably Irrational. And it is only developed through thorough study and observation of wide range of subjects, which would empower and educate marketer to count on the beats of the society. And explore new areas which are unaddressed in terms to gain the competitive advantage.
  The technology is on the verge of its peak and every single hour bring a technological diversity , rapidly changing hi-tech society is also socializing technologically because physical presence could be costly as the time is valued like gold currency. But this widely occurring changes bring new opportunities and challenges for marketers, e-marketing is also becoming widely accepted phenomenon and companies are working on virtualization the buying experiencing which would not require the travelling hassle but will provide you on your Android or IOS the application of Virtual store .Marketers have to wise enough to work on future ideas and putting advertisements on the appropriate platform. Because in e-marketing involves the risk of spamming and data stealing. Facebook is becoming the phenomenon but what I see future is the Facebook diversifying and beyond socializing it will provide the Life Management Devices impaired with all aspects of persons life. But future is yet to come so competition is increasing day by day.

  The business history is on its peak in terms of completion, this much of competition never existed in human history, and time is of the value, if your competitor is time efficient and you are not then it doesn't matter how much you are efficient in our work, you are just ruined. Because now it's the high time for the saints advice in which he says most important time is now and most important person is the standing in front of you, and important place is here. And adding more I would like to say service delayed is service denied. Time Management in marketing is all about right time in marketing mentioning at right place with right person.

  Marketers are the true revolutionist of this era, and they can set and upset the trends, they can influence the vision of life and they are the stakeholders of the society, when I was child I used to hear the phrase Jack of all, Master of none. Now I rephrased it Jack of all is the master of marketing, a marketer should know about all aspects and should be observant enough to sense the change. Marketers should be the first one to invest in the change. But it must be kept in view that constraint of today's world is not gaining information, it is avoiding and identifying misinformation. There is too much information that it is creating misinformation. Keeping in view the constraints my suggestion to all marketers out there is that Revolutionize with the mastery of your passion.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

5 reasons to showcase your business in a relevant exhibition

  As an exhibition organizer we at many times hear a question why to participate in a trade show or exhibition?, and spending around $300 - $1000 per Sq. meter. Although it depends on an individual show profile whether to invest in participation or not but there is also an general argument to this topic which can really motivate companies to source and invest in correct exhibition. And my choice of word "Invest" is purely intentional because marketing expense isn't really expense but the investment, that is why nowadays companies tend to calculate ROI (Return On Investment) before carrying out any marketing activity.

Following are few significant reasons , although significance of each reason is subjected to an individual company in accordance with their strategy, corporate value and objectives. 

1-Solid Business Development

  With the course of time , and influence of technology on business companies tend to do more of online business development through means like emails, phone. social media etc. Exhibition can help you develop your business by meeting with your potential clients. The term "Solid" which I have used in heading is due to the reason of authenticity of leads you get while being in an exhibition because you can really know which are the rights ones and should be pursued on the priority. 

2-Eye to eye with your potential and existing customers

  Participating exhibition always help you to understand problems and concerns of your potential and existing customers. Sometimes your sales agent and regional partners don't tend to understand and communicate the concerns of customers and that could result in bad user experience which can cost you of losing business. It is very important that customer should know and have trusted relationship with the company itself. In the case of potential customers it helps you understand his needs in the better way so that you can offer the relevant solutions and win over the business.

3-Interaction with industry peers

With the passage of time, as customized solutions are being offered more and more. Companies have developed USP ( Unique Selling Proposition) also every company tends to specialize in few things especially in service sectors like in IT industry now the concept of API is becoming very common so that you can integrate solutions to enhance user experience. Interactions with in the industry depends solely on the business model of an individual industry. Still lots of learning and partnering can be done through the trade shows and exhibitions. Many times companies are looking for regional sale agencies and partners to penetrate in the regional market effectively. Also speakers sessions in the exhibitions can be attended to learn the best practices.  

4-Building a brand image

  Renting space isn't just it, companies invest million of dollars in building booth and promotional materials, to create brand image, also activities like sampling and testing are being organized to enhance user experience and to provide the customers real picture of what your brand is all about? and whats values does it stand for. Exhibition Organizers offer sponsorship, to give effective brand image so that participants can exploit all means to develop business and grow. And believe me every exhibition organizer is concerned about the effective benefits of its exhibitors through the platform because this is for the mutual growth, and when we sit on the chair of organizer we have high pressures and high concerns on business deal being made through our platform, that is why companies like Messe Frankfurt and DMG have developed their own EMS, Exhibition Management System. 

5-Tuning your staff with customers and industry

  Last but not least it is also about training your staff and tuning them with needs of employers so that they must know who are the customers? and what value they want? Altering your processes according the customer needs. Trade shows also helps training and updating your humans resource according to industry standards and on changes which are occurring in the industry. Also that they can study the values and offerings of their customer. 

  I hope above points can help you establish the importance of trade shows and exhibition industry, these are generals ideas, specific industry significance may differ but what can not be denied is significance of trade shows and exhibitions itself. 

Please feel free to give reviews in comments. 

Monday, September 28, 2015

Are you interested in introducing your products to Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region?

 On an average, an Emarati’s monthly spend on general shopping is AED20,000 and above, and that of a non-Emarati in UAE is approximately AED4000 and above.

 UAE has set a target to raise the per capita income up to 65% by 2021, which is an extremely lucrative opportunity for retail and consumer industry. Lifestyle in the UAE & GCC is a passion and HOUSEWARE, KITCHENWARE, TEXTILE, BED &BATH, FASHION & APPAREL, CLOTHING, GIFTS & GIVEAWAYS, ARTS & HANDICRAFTS, WATCHES & JEWELRY, contribute in enhancing it.
 AL FAJER INFORMATION & SERVICES was the first to organize a trade fair to facilitate the opportunity seekers in Middle East.

  The visitors profile covers business houses, retailers, wholesalers, stockists, re-exporters and end-users from all over the Middle East and worldwide; our exhibitors are from over the globe!
There is a good opportunity for the visitors to seek new products, and for exhibitors to seek new buyers!! SMART LIVING 2015 – 30 International Autumn Trade Fair aims to facilitate both so that a good trade activity can be generated.

 ALFAJER INFORMATION & SERVICES has had the privilege of being the first trade show organizer in UAE, and it aims to maintain its legacy. SMART LIVING 2015 – 30 International Autumn Trade Fair is by far the oldest show of Dubai; it is heritage of the world’s greatest business hub, Dubai!

 Business opportunities for the entire MENA region can be explored by participating in SMART LIVING 2015 – 30 International Autumn Trade Fair.

 SMART LIVING 2015 – 30th International Autumn Trade Fair is scheduled from 16-18 December 2015, at Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre (formerly known as the Dubai World Trade Centre), Dubai, UAE

Grab your share of profits from consumer markets of the entire MENA region!! Join SMART LIVING 2015 – 30 International Autumn Trade Fair

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