Sunday, December 20, 2015

Why to use venue sourcing services?

  This new age of social media and information technology has changed the events organizers work very much, whether it is exhibition, conference, meeting, seminar, or any consumer engagement event. Now event organizer can deal all things on its own, so it takes help of other partners in sourcing and hiring best and up to date services for the event. So that event organizer can focus on marketing and managing the event rather getting in the nitty gritty of every single thing. 

  Out of all services in this article I would like to take the light on one particular service that is venue sourcing. Sourcing right venue is the most important and most technical thing of all. Specially when your going in to the new market it is very hard to negotiate best price from the venue itself. Also the other main thing is getting the right servicing from the venue. Global Cynergies, a company based in Scottsdale, Arizona is providing very good and spot on venue sourcing service. The best part is they dont charge anything from the organizers

GLOBAL CYNERGIES LLC, is one of the reputed company in hotel and venue sourcing which is rapid growing. Formed in 2008 by the visionary corporate leader Pat Droucher. Global Cynergies is growing and established phenomenon in America and Europe market and penetrating in the middle east and Asia market with specialized and systematic services. Following is the procedure of venue sourcing according to there website: (reference to link is :

  • Conducting extensive research using in-house technology, proprietary data, industry resources, and collective personal knowledge to determine which properties meet the needs of the meeting.
  • Creating and sending program specific request for proposals (RFPs) to appropriate properties.
  • Collecting responses from the properties, including follow-up as necessary.
  • Presenting available options in an easy to read, comparative report.
  • Assisting in contract negotiations to make sure the best overall value and contract provisions based on local industry norms.
  • Liaising with hotel through contract signature. (All contracts are signed between hotel and the client.)
  • Assisting in transition to conference management after contract signature.

The above is the procedure of how they do it. Venue sourcing is very crucial service and in my view should be outsourced to the specialized people because they offer great value addition in the process. The more stakeholders add in an event more chances are of its being successful because colloboration is the key. 

You can contact Global Cynergies team on below details:

Global Cynergies, LLC

Global Head Office
8080 E. Gelding Dr. #110
Scottsdale , AZ  85260